For years I had severe stomach pain.  Doctors always had a different answer.  They wrote pain prescriptions and said it would "go away on its own."  I was frustrated and feeling terrible every day.  A co-worker recommended Dr. Mulkern.  Though skeptical, I made an appointment.  Dr. Mulkern diagnosed my gluten allergy, helped me to handle anxiety and life's every day stresses and reversed other health concerns.  Two years ago, I felt like I would never have a normal "healthy day."  Today, I am a new person.  Becky will teach you about health and nutrition and give you the tools to be healthy and fit for the long haul.

   In early September of 2016 began seeing Dr. Mulkern.  For the past 13 years I have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease, bone pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, constipation, depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and tingling everywhere.I have been to many doctors and practitioners to no avail.  This past summer was especially difficult, I was in constant pain, had no energy and was always tired.   

  It is now November of 2016.  I have continued to see Becky on a regular basis and my health and attitude have done a 180 degree turn. Becky's positive attitude and guidance; her capability as an ND; plus the use of the ONDAMED system and her life changing book "Life is an Opportunity to Joyfully Celebrate" has helped me greatly.I am embracing and enjoying life again.I have more energy, sleep better, have less pain, very little anxiety or depression and I hold a very positive attitude about my life!I consider this work to be a continuing process which I am embracing with lots of love, patience and gratitude. The results so far have been miraculous.

 "When I started Becky's Juice Program, my total cholesterol was 235.  After 4 weeks of the program, my total cholesterol dropped to 145, with a perfect ratio.  Also, my very high blood pressure that previously required up to 4 separate medications dropped dramatically and averaged 110/70.  In one short month, the results were miraculous!"